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Consider Becoming A $10 Per Month Donor – This provides basic medical care for one dog.

$150 Canadian Provides 1 Dog:

Vacinations, Rabies Shots & Sterilization.

We Are A Small Group Of Two Canadians

Living In Tequisquiapan, Mexico. We run our shelter from our own home. We treat our animals like they are our pets.

"...This is such an amazing organization. I knew there was blood, sweat, tears and heart that went into it, but was exponentially impressed when I experienced it first hand. Dave & Monique treat the dogs they rescue as an extension of their own family. Their calm and patient demeanour is how they are able to care for and love these animals, and help them get to their forever homes. Their passion for what they do translates to the quality of life every single animal receives while in their care..."
Kelly Albin
"...Dave & Monique saved two very young pups from being euthanized, and now they are our babies! They have filled our hearts and we are so grateful for such wonderful, selfless humans..."
Marybeth Schrepferman

What We Do...

We rescue street dogs in Mexico and offer food, shelter and medical care. When the dogs are healthy and have been properly assessed, we send them to reputable rescue organizations for new loving homes in Canada and the United States. WE MAKE NO MONEY. WE RUN OUR SHELTER WITH OUR OWN FUNDING & DONATIONS. Our vets are all reputable with more than 10 years of experience. We only ship dogs to vetted rescue organizations. We only take in as many animals as we can afford to take care of properly. Our limit is 30 to 35. See our list of expenses below.


Our Costs...

There are many expenses running a dog rescue:


Right now we receive $500 in monthly donations. With 32 dogs in our care at June 18, 2020 - that only covers the cost for 1 month of food. The rest comes out of our own pocket.

Vet Care

Each dog costs a minimum of $150 CAD for basic care (vacinations, rabies & sterilization). Any surgeries, medicines, hospital stays are covered by extra donations or from our own pocket. Vet care also includes: vitamins, antibiotics, special foods, grooming, special baths, house calls, emergencies and more.

Other Costs

We also have other costs such as blankets, crates, shipping crates, toys, cleaning supplies, pee pads for puppies, special puppy crates, building of dog zones/fencing, property damage (LOL, yup they wreck things!!!), shipping and more...

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About Us

Dave & Monique Woolacott – We are both Canadian artists. We moved to Mexico in August 2016 hoping to relax and hone our craft. Instead we began rescuing dogs in our first month. What do you do when you see a dying puppy on the road… you RESCUE IT OF COURSE! We are a small organization  run using  our own small personal funds and the donations of kind strangers – many of whom are now our friends. In 4 years (June 2020), we have rescued more than 250 dogs, sterilized over 1,000  and helped many many more with  medical care, food and more.